Sunday, September 22, 2019

Middle School Meet This Thursday...

Image result for cross country running images feetEvery year, MCWS hosts a middle school cross country meet at Desert Road.  And every year, since time immemorial, we the high school team have provided support, both material and immaterial. 

This year's middle school race is on Thursday.  Following a brief practice, all runners will be at the disposal of the middle school coaches for help directing runners and providing moral support.  It is expected that ALL team members will be present for the duration of both races.  Those wishing to leave early must check in with either Morgan or Erik. 

Go Maine Coast!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Golden Spikes, Week Three

Image result for golden spike shoesThe captains awarded this week's Golden Spike Award to Faith and Louis.  Faith had an amazing kick following her climb up Libby Hill.  Louis narrowed the gap between himself and Wes, making great strides (ha, ha) this week. 
This year the senior captains are awarding a weekly Golden Spike Award to the teammate who goes above and beyond in their race.  (No, really, they receive an actual golden spike.)

Friday, September 20, 2019

Gray New Gloucester 9.20.19

Maine Coast traveled down the road to Gray New Gloucester to tackle the infamous Libby Hill.  Featuring almost a mile of steady vertical rise combined with rollers before and after, the GNG course is not for the faint of heart.  Add unseasonably warm temperatures and seniors fresh off the van from Hermit Island, and it would not seem like auspicious circumstances.  Yet Libby Hill agreed with many of our runners, awarding both the girls and boys with their first team victory, along with MCWS's first individual wins of the season.  Accomplishing this feat meant certain runners stepped up to fill new roles, relied on teammates for support, practiced their surging techniques, and everyone tried to keep their heads when it came to the uphill.  It is notable that Maine Coast placed all five scoring boys in the top 8, resulting in one of the school's lowest ever scores.  On the girls' side, Maine Coast only triumphed by two points, demonstrating again that every scoring runner is important.  Thanks to all the friends and family who came to cheer on the runners, to Isla for help with bibs and Avery for sprinting halfway up Libby Hill.

The girls' race saw some familiar faces in familiar places while also some movement around the top seven.  After floating up the hill with company, Olivia came down solo, capturing her first win of the 2019 season.  Coming up the hill, Emma held fourth place and finished the race unchallenged in that spot.  Proving that hills do agree with her, Nora stepped easily into the third scoring spot.  She almost got nipped by Ava in the race to the finish line.  Ava had picked up the pace in the last half mile, and in the meantime, picked off several opponents.  MCWS placed four girls in the top ten.  Despite illness, Myla hung in with determination, securing the win for Maine Coast along with the team's final scoring spot.  Mamie, battling not just the course but a headache, came in sixth for MCW.   Bonnie stepped easily into the final varsity spot, fending off a late challenge on the home stretch.  
Grace powered through with very consistent splits and even a smile.  Despite fatigue from the climb, Faith finished the race with a full-on sprint over the last 200 meters.  The girls finished first overall, ahead of Freeport and GNG (Traip and Sacopee Valley did not score).

The boys charged off the line, briefly forgetting they were not running at the Hoka Invite.  After settling in, Aiden and Seamus took control of the race and never looked back, finishing one-two.  JM and Bryan worked the hill together, with JM pulling ahead on the downhill section.  They finished five-six.  Wes and Louis were not far behind, with Wes also using the decline to gap his teammate.  Although Bodhi was originally behind Aidan SC both up and down Libby Hill, he made his move in the final rollers section, and then went on to pick off three opponents for good measure.  
Angus finished the day in dramatic fashion, getting engaged in a sprint battle across the entire length of the field.  The boys finished first overall, ahead of Freeport, Traip and Gray New Gloucester (Sacopee Valley did not score).  

Results can be found here.  Next week, we will travel to Pratt's Brook, hosted by Yarmouth HS.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Race at GNG on Friday

This week's race is at Libby Hill in Gray, right across from the high school. We will have two vans leaving school at 2:45 and returning to MCWS after the races. Girls set off at 4:30, boys at 5:00.

Friends and families are welcome and encouraged to come cheer on the runners!

Golden Spike Awards

Image result for golden spike shoesThis year the senior captains are awarding a weekly Golden Spike Award to the teammate who goes above and beyond in their race.  (No, really, they receive an actual golden spike.)  Week One's award, following the meet at Poland, went to Grace and Angus for both exceeding expectations and in the case of Grace, for a killer kick.  This week, the holders of the golden spikes are Emma and Seamus, for their massive PRs and top 25 finishes.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Name checked...

...again by Maine Milesplit- Olivia receives a post-race mention.  A decent recap of the overall winners, but we're still waiting on behind-the-scenes video of the junior/senior boys' false start...

Running in the family?

Norway’s gold medal winner Jakob Ingebrigtsen is flanked by his brothers Henrik, left, and Filip after the men’s 1500-meter final at the European Athletics Championships at the Olympic stadium in Berlin in August, 2018.This article about a trio of Norwegian brothers who are also exceptional distance runners raises some interesting questions about how young athletes train, as well as how much we can generalize from their experience.  While the article may over-state some facts (very few elite teenage distance runners are averaging 100 mile weeks for example), it does make a good case for avoiding over-training and specializing too early.  

Saturday, September 14, 2019

HOKA ONE Southern Maine Invitational (Gorham) 9.14.19

This Saturday, Maine Coast traveled to Naragansett Elementary in Gorham for the Hoka One Southern Maine Invitational.  Despite rain, ground wasps, starting box mishaps, a false start, and a very interesting dance contest, a good time was had by all.  While the course was slightly altered from previous years, it remained fast, flat, and a full 3.1 miles.  Both the boys and girls took full advantage of the cool temperatures and strong competition led to 13 new personal bests, along with nine course PRs.  Additionally, we added four new runners to the record board and two runners moved up.  Thank you to Ethan for the starting and finish line support, Faith for the photos, the Watson-Burke family for the assist with the timing tags, the Waldron family for the post-race cookies and all the other friends and families who came out to cheer on the team.  We also had an alum visit from Finn ('18)!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Pre-race snack and meal suggestions

Image result for peanut butter toast with banana
Here's a quick overview on pre-race meals, which includes some suggestions of things that may be easy to digest.  This is more geared towards what to eat in the immediate run-up (ha ha) to a race- remember that for a race mid-day, you'll need to plan for more than one meal.  While the general pointers are helpful (avoid too much protein, too much fat, or too much fiber, but don't just eat carbohydrates), remember that every runner is different and has different approaches.  The only cardinal rules are:

  • You must eat enough calories before you run hard, otherwise you deprive your body of much needed fuel and risk bonking mid-race or worse.
  • Never try anything new before a race.  This is not the time to test-drive your new goji-quinoa-chard smoothie.  

Thursday, September 12, 2019

A few things re: Saturday's race in Gorham

Shoe tags:
In addition to regular pin on numbers, all runners will receive tags to wire on to their shoes. These MUST BE RETURNED after the race or you will be charged $10. Either the captains or Morgan will be collecting them, so do be sure to keep track of yours.

The following runners have signed-up for a van ride to Gorham this Saturday.  We are assuming that unless your name is shown below, that you will be going to and from the race site via your own transportation.  See the post farther down for arrival time in Gorham.
   John Miles

To be clear, the van will be going both to the race and then back to school after the race. Exact return time unknown, but runners can call/text once they are underway. Van riders that are getting a ride home with parents need to let Morgan or Eric know.

Maine Coast in the News

Congratulations to Olivia, who has been named one of the Portland Press Herald's "Runners to Watch" this fall! 

Fun fact (and slight correction): Olivia was state champion in outdoor track her freshman year.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Southern Maine Classic Hoka Race this Saturday in Gorham

Coming up this Saturday, September 14, we will be running in the Southern Maine Classic at Narragansett School, 284 Main Street, Gorham.

Race Schedule:
   High School Freshman / Sophomore Girls @ 10:00am (approx. 250 total)
   High School Freshman / Sophomore Boys @ 10:45am (approx. 250 total)
   High School Junior / Senior Girls @ 11:30am (approx. 250 total)
   High School Junior / Senior Boys @ 12:05pm (approx. 250 total)
   * Awards approximately 1:15pm

We will be taking a van(s) from Desert Rd to the race, but are also thinking that since it's a Saturday, many families will be going to the race as well.  In order to plan for van(s) and driver(s), we need to hear from any runners that want a ride to this race BY THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 at noon Let Susan know in person or via email at

The van(s) will depart Desert Rd at 7:50 a.m. promptly, so van riding runners should arrive at the high school by 7:45 a.m..

Timing for those providing their own transportation:
Everyone should arrive at the race site and be ready for a course walk by 8:30 a.m.

What to Bring:
Since we'll be in Gorham for a long day, be sure to bring whatever you'll need for snacks and food for after your race.  There may be opportunity to purchase food, so bring some cash if you're interested.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Course Map: HOKA Invite

Race Schedule for the HOKA Invitational

Race Schedule for the HOKA Invitational, 9.14.19 @ Naragansett School in Gorham
  • 10AM: Freshman / Sophomore Girls 
  • 10:45AM: Freshman / Sophomore Boys 
  • 11:30AM: Junior / Senior Girls 
  • 12:05PM: Junior / Senior Boys 
  • 1:30PM: Awards 
Stay tuned for transportation information, course map and other key details...